We have over 40 years experience in racing Porsche before they were considered “Classic”. It is this hard earned experience that we put into preparing and building Porsche race cars to the highest standards.

We pride ourselves on the emphasis of not only making the car quick, a joy to drive but also to look correct and as original as possible to how the car left the factory or would have been raced in period. We want to retain as much authenticity of your car and preserve it’s value. Our track record speaks for itself with multiple class wins throughout Europe in Masters and Peter Auto events, Overall Class Championship Winners, 2nd Overall in the Scratch Championship, Podiums at Goodwood and also an outright win in the John Aldington Trophy at the 73rd Goodwood Members Meeting.

Let us take a look at your current car

If you already have a car which could benefit from our expertise – we are more than happy to look at how we can impart our hard won experience to get the most from your 911 and can work to produce a service tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

It is also worth remembering in these days of heady values associated with competitive 911’s in historic racing – the higher the car is up the grid – the greater value you have added to your car. Let us take a look at your car and we can provide you with a estimate of what we would suggest to make your car more competitive.

Try one of our cars

We provide you with an opportunity to drive our expertly prepared historic Porsche racing cars in a safe environment with or without tuition. When you get to drive cars of this quality it might provide an insight as to how the drivers at the sharp end do benefit from the right tools for the job!

We can offer a wide range of options for testing or arrive and drive packages at races throughout Europe. Call or email for further details and prices.

There has always a perception mainly spread by journalists with poor driving ability that the SWB early 911’s were “Widow Makers” and very tricky to drive. This could not be further from the truth. A well set up and sorted SWB 911 is very neutral in handling and actually gives lots of feed back to the driver. In fact even a mildly skilled driver will look good and be thrilled even “Hooked” on the progressive and fun nature of the handling of the car.