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1965 Porsche 911 FIA Racecar For Sale


A genuine early 1965 Porsche 911 (300411) that was produced in the very first series of 911's built in early 1965. These cars had many of the unusual idiosyncrasies that the 1964 901’s had and differed from the cars produced from June onwards. 300411 still retains these distinguishing features and also possesses it's orignal doors, floor, front wings and rear quarter panels etc. 

300411 was originally supplied to Porsche of America and was at some point brought back to germany where the car was purchase by the Porsche photographer Rene Staud. Rene had the car race prepared and then used 411 in historic races in the 90's and early 00's

In 2016 we undertook the bare metal restoration and then FIA race build for a client of ours. During the paint removal we discovered that 300411 possessed one of the most orignal chassis we had ever seen on a 1965 Porsche 911. As well as this the car still possessed it's original front wings, both doors and also it's rear quarter panels. We made sure that all of these items remained on the car. Once the metal work was completed we then carried out a concours quality paint job and finished the car in it's original colour of Light Ivory 6404 (Hellelfenbein). 

We used our wealth of knowledge and experience from our other race winning builds when preparing 411. The interior is finished using the correct square weave carpet, SWB green dials and mahogany dash are all installed on the car and under the bonnet there is a period correct 100ltr steel fuel tank. All the suspension, brakes, running gear etc are built to our latest specification and are also FIA and 2.0L Cup eligable. As are the engine and gearbox, which have both been fully rebuilt in October 2020 and have since only done 3 hours of running. 

Since it's restoration the car has competed in a handful of 2.0L Cup races as well as GT Sports Car cup and also the RAC TT 3hr at Silverstone. During these races the car has always been fully maintained and serviced by ourselves with no exspense spared. 

A great opportunity to aquire a genuine early 1965 Porsche 911 that is race ready with front running pace. Eligable for all pre 1966 GT grids, the 2.0L Cup, Tour Auto and all major events.

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