At Historika we know what it takes to keep your car running correctly, safely and thus giving you maximum enjoyment behind the wheel. We do not offer fixed price servicing for your Classic Porsche as each car is different and will require personal care.

We will inspect your car thoroughly, then we will offer you an accurate estimate of what needs to be done to service you car properly. We have all the correct tooling and knowledge to ensure the job is done to the highest standard and we only use the highest quality parts that we would use on our own cars.

Our servicing rate is very competitive at £50 per hour.

We can also arrange enclosed delivery and collection of your Porsche as we know how busy life can be.

Rolling Road

We offer a full rolling road tuning service on our in house rolling road and can ensure that your car is running exactly as it should be. Whether you want your race engine running at it’s maximum performance or your road engine running at it’s optimum efficiency. Our rolling road will allow us to set up your car perfectly or get to the bottom of any issues you might have.

Geometry Set Up

Whether it’s a road car you want set back to exact factory settings, a fast road with the occasional track day car or an all out race car we can set it up. We have all the equipment and knowledge to set your car up perfectly to suit your needs.

Engine Building

Just like the Porsche factory of old and new, we put our engines to test on the race track. Our in house engine shop specialises in rebuilding your Porsche 911 engine. Whether you would like a standard road specification engine or a purpose built competition engine, we can build it for you. Our 2.0L race engines have already proven successful on the race track taking class wins in a number of different endurance series, giving you peace of mind on the road.

Pre-purchase Inspections

When purchasing your Porsche you want to be certain that you’re buying the car you think you are. You don’t want to unearth any hidden surprises once in your ownership. We have over 40 years of knowledge, having owned, driven and raced the marque so we can aid you in your purchase by carrying out a thorough inspection and then providing you with a full report.