Success at Silverstone Classic

Class 1-2 and 9th - 10th Overall

With Le Mans just over the horizen and a busy racing schedule already set, we thought it was best to give Silverstone Classic a miss this year. But we thought we’d re-fresh yours and our memories with a flashback to our visit there in 2013. 

We took two cars to Silverstone that year. Our 1964 Porsche 901 and a freshly built 1965 Porsche 911 that we had just completed the build on. We had John Young driving the 64 car and Nigel Greensal driving the 65 car. Qualifying took place in the blistering heat and both cars went well and qualyfied 1st and 2nd in class adn mid grid our of 62 cars.

With about 40 minutes to go before the race the heavens opened and a monsoon struck Silverstone. The race started and the extremely wet conditions suited the rear engined 911’s and meant the more powerful cars couldn’t get the power down like our cars could. Both cars climed the field throughout the race and came home in 9th and 10th overall and 1st and 2nd in Class, beating many more powerful cars. Although we were completely soaked and both cars had standing water in we were all extremely happy with the result.

Enjoy the onboard footage!