3 x Top 10 at Le Mans

We travelled to Le Mans Classic for the 70 Years of Porsche Celebration Race. The race was a support race for the maon event with 70 pre 1974 Porsche taking to the track in a one make race.

We had mixed succes in the race as we were running a 911ST, 1973 Carrera RS and three SWB 2.0L 911’s. 

The ST was running an impressive 7th overall with only one lap to go when an engine issue meant the car didn’t finish. What made this worse was that the car would have finished 3rd overal after a couple of stewards decisions.

The 1973 Carrera RS had a great race starting in 12th Position and climbed up to 5th overall at the chequered flag. Not bad for it’s first outing and being shaken down by driving it to the event from the UK.

The SWB 911’s qualified 26th (72), 15th (21) and 6th (64) overall. 72 started well but developed a misfire which the team managed to fix in the pits but put the car way back but still managed to come home 55th out of 70. 21 and 64 both had great races and come the chequered flag were 6th and 10th overall and the 1st and 2nd SWB 2.0L cars across the line. Not bad at all for two little 2.0L cars finishing higher than a lot of the bigger engine cars.

A mixed weekend but definitely a good result getting three cars into the top 10.