Success at Spa Classic

Spa Classic is always one of our favourite races of the season, not just for drivers but also the team members. Being a drivers favourite does mean that the grids are always full and a few special cars are pulled out of the wood work for the event. If you haven’t been yet, you should really make sure you get there next year. 

We were heading there this year with our 1964 Porsche 901 (no.64) and two customer 1965 Porsche 911’s (no.66 and no.69) entered in the Peter Auto 60’s Endurance race. 

We woke up on the Friday to the rain that is so typical of Spa. All cars and drivers went well in what was a fairly chaotic practice session with a couple of red flags, one being after 3 minutes of the session!!! After practice the team set about getting all three cars checked over, re-prepped finally bailing out what water had made it’s way into the cockpits of the cars.

Qualifying was at dusk although it was fairly dark with the rain clouds still hanging over us. With the rain falling 66 and 69 cars were sitting in the top 30 and our 64 car was sitting 2nd overall with around 15 minutes left of the session. As the track dried out towards the end some of the more powerful cars were able to lay down a little more of their power and jumped above our cars. When the flag dropped the 64 car was 5th overall, 1st in Class and had set the fastest middle sector of the day. An amazing drive by Olly Bryant (as you can see in the onboard). The 66 qualified 53rd and 69 was 29th overall.

I think everyone with a 911 was hoping for a wet race but when we woke on race day the sun was shining again. We got to the circuit, worked through the cars and got them ready for the race at 20.15. The race started with Olly in the 64 car starting a lot higher up than normal because of the wet. Olly kept building the class lead and didn’t fall into the hands of the Cobra’s and E-Types behind as quick as you might have thought. The 66 car and the 69 car begun to make up places and get into a rhythm. Then just as the pit window opened the safety car came out which meant all three of our cars dived into the pit lane into organised chaos. Amazingly we managed to pull of the re-fueling, changing of tyres and drivers at the same time without any hiccups and all three cars were back out again. Andrew in the 64 car was still in the class lead and 66 and 69 were going steadily with plenty of action throughout the field. At the chequered flag Sanjay and Adam in 69 finished 25th overall and 5th in Class. Richard and Christian in the 66 had climbed from 53rd to an amazing 29th and 9th in Class. Olly and Andrew brought the 64 home 1st in Class and 11th overall. Another successful weekend with another class win and all three cars crossing the finish line. Another amazing weekend was had by all involved and a huge thank you to the team and the drivers!

Now best get the cars prepped as it’s only 3 weeks until Dijon!!!