Historic Rally to Race Car

We had this lovely 1965 Porsche 911 come in for us to give it the Historika treatment. The car had been a rally car for a number of years and was purchased by the current owner to turn it into an FIA appendix K historic race car. 

As the rules are different for historic rallying the car was running on Weber carbs but for FIA historic racing you have to run on original Solex carbs, which are nortoriously hard to set up correctly and get running well.

When the car came to us it had done one race at Silverstone Classic in which it did not finish and wasn’t running well at all. We got the car and went through the brakes, suspension, throttle linkages, fuel system and carbs. Setting everything up to our tried and tested formula and fitting one of our custom built exhausts. After many hours on our rolling road we had the car running perfectly and was taken on road tests before it’s first real test at Silverstone.