Lightweight Competition Porsche 906 Flywheel

For 2.0L Porsche 911, 911R, 906, 910

We’ve re-manufactured the lightweight Porsche 906 flywheel.

They are a modern alternative of the 2.0L flywheels used by the factory race dept. in the sixties on the 906’s, 910’s, 911R and SWB 911 race cars. Made using modern technologies and weighs just 3.48KG meaning it’s stonger and lighter than the standard fly-wheel.

As with all the parts we sell the fly-wheel has been tried and tested on our race winning 1964 Porsche 901 and 1965 Porsche 911’s.

The flywheel is supplied as a complete kit ready to fit with both Sachs competition clutch parts.
Price – £1025 plus VAT and shipping