Victory in 60's Endurance Series

A first time trip to Spain and Jarama for the Historika Racing Team. We set off for Jarama with our 1964 Porsche 901 and two customer 1965 Porsche 911’s to race in the Peter Auto 60’s Endurance series.

Jarama Classic is another addition to the already great calendar of the Peter Auto events. The circuit is turning out to be a drivers favourite with lots of variation in corners with some very fast sections

Practice went well for all cars with all drivers learning the circuit. After practice we had a few adjustments to make on all cars and got to work preparing the cars for the evenings qualifying session. All cars went well in qualifying with our 64 car sitting first in class and both 65 cars looking to improve their times. Then with 10 minutes to go and everyone looking to set faster times, an E-Type had a huge crash on the last corner and brought out the red flag! Thankfully the driver was OK but that was the end of the session.

Start time came with the 64 car starting higher up than both 65’s. By the end of the first lap all cars had made progress but most noticeably the Paul Stephens 65 car and also Richards 65 car. Both had made up around 10 places each. At the halfway stage we’d made sure we’d arranged for the cars to come in staggered for their pit-stops to ensure we could manage any problems if needed. Thankfully all 3 stops went to plan with re-fuelling, driver changes and all sent out for the final stint. Paul Stephens 65 car was running really well and putting in similar lap times to the 64 car and making it’s way up the field. Then unfortunately we saw that the car has stopped on track. We later found out that one of the throttle linkages in the engine had popped itself off. Very annoying for the cars first race! At the chequered flag our 64 car was 10th overall and 1st in class and Richard’s 65 car was 28th overall. A great first race of the year for Historika and a great first race for Richard in his 65 car.

Well done to all the team and also the drivers. Now time to get the cars ready for Spa Classic in May