Success at Spa Classic

Set in the idyllic Burgundy country side about 10 miles from the city is the Dijon Prenois circuit which is home to the Grand Prix de ‘Age d’Or. This event seems to be growing each year and is a fantastic place to see some amazing historic cars up close in a beautiful part of France. What’s not to like!

We were running our 1964 Porsche 901 (no64) and a 1965 Porsche 911 (no66) in the Peter Auto 60’s Endurance series. The weather forecast for the Friday practice session said rain but this was hard to believe in the 30 degree heat on Thursday afternoon. But as we woke on Friday morning the rain clouds had closed and the forecast was correct. The rain obviously helps our rear engined 911’s and both cars  were 2nd and 3rd overall at the beginning of the session. But as the sun came out and the track began to dry we ended up 11th (64), 21st (66) overall and 2nd and 3rd Porsche 911’s.


Well that was the end of any sort of rain or clouds for the rest of the weekend and the thermometer was at 30 from then on. Both cars went out for qualifying and ran well all session with both drivers in each car putting in the laps. At the end of the session no64 was 3rd in class and no66was on the grid with a gaggle of 4 911’s within a second of each other.

On raceday we set to work preparing both cars and make sure everything was perfect for the race. The race started with Olly in the 64 car having a great battle with the Morgan SLR, another 65 911 and a TRV Grantura. All battling for 2nd in class and swapping positions lap after lap. The same was happening with the 66 car and another group of 911’s a little further down the field.

Olly eventually made his way past the TVR, 911 and the Morgan and begun to pull out a small but comfortable gap before the pit window. No64 pitted for it’s mandatory stop and went back out now leading the class. On our out lap the safety car was deployed slowing us down and allowing the Morgan to pass us and gain a lead of around 30 seconds. An absolute nightmare situation for us. Andrew pushed and pushed but the damage was done, the gap couldn’t be closed up and that’s where we finished 2nd in class and 14th overall. We may not have won the class without the safety car but at least we could have given it a go.

Meanwhile the 66 car was having an amazing battle with the other 911’s. After 66’s mandatory pit stop another car hit the left rear of 66 damaged something, putting the steering out. Christian carried on in the 66 car until with around 15 minutes left, the gear knob came off in his hand. This plus the damage meant he decided to park the car and not carry on with the race. A real shame but with the car completing over 75% of the race, 66 was still classified in the results.

This was a slightly more challenging weekend but we will be back fighting in a weeks time at Monza Historic. Again big thanks to the team and drivers