Completion of 1968 Porsche 911S Restoration

Bare Metal, Nut and Bolt Restoration

When we received this car we did not know the extent of rust and rot that was waiting for us underneath the paint and underseal. As you can see many hours have gone into bringing this very rare 911S back to the state it should be in.

The 1968 Porsche 911 was the last of the SWB 911’s and a one year only build. This means that there were lots of parts and details that were only used in 1968 and were one year only parts and features. We have ensured that these 68 only features remain on the car as originality and period correct features are key in any restoration

The interior had many such as the door cards, dash trim and other trim parts had amluminuim strips on the edges. It was a lot more involved than the SWB and LWB cars. We spent a lot of time ensuring these were correct. We had to source, re-trim and get parts made specifically for this car. It’s a challenge but a challenge that we enjoy.