Arrival of a Very Special 2.7 Carrera RS

We have just had this very special 2.7 Carrera RS arrive with us. This car is not only special becuase it is one of only 17 Right Hand drive examples but it also has a rather ilustrious race and rally history. It’s rallying history came with it’s first registration of JYG 450N and it’s later racing history with the registration NAY 691M

The car was first rallied by the famous owner of JCT600 and Circuit of Ireland winner Jack Tordoff in 1974 RAC rally and then again the follwoing year at the Galway rally where he placed the car 3rd overall. Jack had now purchased a 3.0RS making his 2.7 car obsolite so he sold the car to Ken Sheilds and John McClean. Ken and John would rally the car until 1979 with lots of success.

The car had a slight rest until it was sold to Chester Wedgewood in 1984 and then campaigned until 1989. In this stint of circuit racing the car initially raced in it’s Red livery until it was transformed into the famous Giroflex car. During this time the car raced in the Intermarque Series, the famous relay races of the time and most importantly in the Porsche Club Production Championship where it won the overall championship in the hands of Tony Dron in 1987.

It’s an honour to be given the trust of working on these famous race cars and this car is no different. After lot’s of discussions on which way to go with the car we have decided to take the car back to it’s 1974 colour scheme and livery. We chose to do this because the car now retains the same registration number of JYG 450N and that is how JYG was and will always be known, as a rally car.

Firstly we will strip the car down to a bare shell and then repaint the car in it’s rally colour of Bahia Red. In fact when you lift the interior carpets you can still see the Bahia Red on the floor pan. We will then sympathetically restore and rebuild the car from there.

We can’t wait to get started and to show you the results.