Health Check, Centre Fill and Harnesses

We had this lovely 911ST tribute (911MT to all that know) come and grace us with it’s presence.

The car has actually just come out of a full restoration and covered it’s first 1000 miles. So the owner wanted us to check over the car to ensure everything is as it should be, change the oil and also add a few improvements to the car.

The owner wanted to replace the original fibreglass bonnet with a steel bonnet, add a centre fill filler neck to the 100L fuel tank and to also add a set of harnesses to the car.

We fitted the bonnet to ensure a correct fit before then cutting a hole in the centre, then extended the filler neck of the tank to meet the bonnet in the correct place.

Whilst this was being done we also mounted a pair of seat belt eyes in the parcel shelf with reinforcements to guarantee safety and fitted a pair of period Schroth Rallye harnesses.

Once the bonnet and tank were finished in our fabrication department they were both sent of for painting. The bonnet was colour matched to the Signal Yellow of the car and the tank was finished in satin black.

A few very nice additions to an already lovely car.

If you want to make any small or large  modifications to you Porsche then please do not hesitate to get in touch.