Completion of 3.2 Carrera Restoration

We have just completed the restoration of this 1986 3.2 Cerrera.

The car was stripped down and then taken back to bare metal meaning we could repair any areas of rust and also previous poor repairs to ensure the shell was as it left the facotry. After then metal work the car was painted in it’s orignal colour of Grand Prix White.

Whilst this was happening the gearbox was checked over and cosmetically re-freshed. The engine was given a full top-end rebuild. We overhauled all of the suspension components, restoring what could be restored and replacing what parts couldn’t. Finally the original interior was cleaned up and then re-fitted meaning that the car still retained some of it’s soul and added a lovely patina to the finished article.

Once collected by it’s very happy owner the car embarked on it’s first test, which was a journey to it’s new home in Austria!

If you have a car that needs returning to it’s former glory then please do not hesitate to contact us.