74 Carrera Metalwork Complete

And Ready for Paint

We have just completed the metal work on this right hand drive Euro Spec 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera.

The car had been in storage with it’s owner for a number of years before it came to us at the beggining of the year. And now after over 500 hours on one of our Celette jigs it is ready to go to the paint shop to be finished in it’s original colour of Silver.

After putting the car on the jig we realised it needed a little straightening. The car also needed a fair amount of rust repairs. Most of these were in the usual areas inner and outer sills, floors, scuttle etc. Some were in a little harder to get to areas. Before paint we always ensure that the car is dry fitted with it’s seals, gaskets, frames and windows to ensure that nothing needs to be attended to once back from the paint shop.

Can’t wait to see it back here once painted.