10,300 miles in 35 days

Across the USA

The right hand drive 1969 Porsche 911S that we completed a nut and bolt restoration on in 2014 has just completed a rather amazing journey across the USA. Covering 10,300 miles in 35 days.

The owner Andy Graham is not one to shy away from a challenge. Whilst we were restoring the car for him he drove from London to Sydney and when he returned from this trip he told us some of his plans for the 911 that we were building him. And one of these (after a few Europen road trips across France and Spain in the summer of 2015) was the Pan-American Friendship Rally.

The rally is a 10,300 mile trip zig zagging across America, starting in LA and finishing in Boston. The trip would take the car to over 20 states and really test the car crossing deserts and climbing mountains!

We are extremely happy to say that other than having a noisy driveshaft (that was replaced by Jeff Gamroth at Rothsport Racing) the car did not miss a beat. A true credit to everyone at Historika and the work that went into the two year nut and bolt restoration and build. All of which was done in house at Historika HQ. It’s always good to see these cars being used rather than stored and Andy certainly uses his. After all it is what they were designed for!